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1. How can we reach you?
You can call my office at 201-447-0705.

2. How much does it cost?
Please contact Dr. Sileo for pricing information.

3. What books have you written?
I am the author of five children's books. They are:

Don't Put Yourself Down in Circus Town: A Story about Self-Confidence (Magination Press, 2015)
Sally Sore Loser: A Story about Winning and Losing (Magination Press, 2012)
Bug Bites and Campfires: A Story for Kids about Homesickness (Health Press, 2009)
Hold the Cheese Please! A Story for Children about Lactose Intolerance (Health Press, 2009)
Toilet Paper Flowers: A Story for Children about Crohn’s Disease (Health Press, 2005)

My books have been written for children between the ages of six through twelve. To learn more about the content of my books you can visit Dr. Sileo’s books on this website or by clicking here.

4. How long are your presentations?
I typically speak for 30-45 minutes. For the younger grades (Kindergarten through 2nd grade), I keep it a bit shorter. It all depends on the size of the group and the amount of questions posed by the children.

5. What is the structure of the author's visit?
My author's visit currently focuses on the award winning book Sally Sore Loser: A Story about Winning and Losing. The theme of this book is applicable to all children. It teaches children how to be a good loser and a good winner. Although it has a sports theme it is also applicable to teaching children about winning and losing in academic arenas, drama and choir clubs, etc. The presentation is as follows:

(1) Reading the book to the children (Only for Kindergarten and 1st grade).
(2) Discuss with the children about being an author and the importance of reading and writing.
(3) Watch videos of children in various vignettes of being good and bad sports (i.e., sport event, school play, video game, board game). After viewing each vignette, the children will decide if the children in the video are being good sports or not good sports. Author will lead the children in a discussion.
(4) Questions and Answers

I am able to conduct author visits on Don't Put Yourself Down in Circus Town, Toilet Paper Flowers, Hold the Cheese Please, and Bug Bites and Campfires. If you are interested in presentations regarding these books, please contact Dr. Sileo.

6. How many students would you like to speak to at any one time?
I prefer to speak to smaller groups. Perhaps two classes at a time. This allows the children to focus and noise level kept to a minimum. The other important factor is the room. Libraries and classrooms are optimum. Auditoriums, cafeterias and gyms may be too large, too noisy and difficult for children to see. It is preferred if the children can sit on the floor as close to the monitor and presenter. It is important to try to keep all presentations in one location. Moving equipment around is difficult and will take time. I will not be responsible for disciplining students. Children may get restless, act up or may have special needs. I ask that teachers be present during the visit and discipline as necessary. I want this to be a positive experience for all students.

7. What is the preferred age group for your presentation?
The preferred grades are Kindergarten through 5th grade.

8. What are your Audio/Visual (AV) needs?
I ask for a microphone (depending on the size of the group), a podium, screen, LCD projector, laptop computer, large easel.

9. How can we obtain your books?
Don't Put Yourself Down in Circus Town and Sally Sore Loser are both available from library wholesalers nationwide. For bulk pricing information on direct orders, please contact Stephen Edwards at Magination Press at or call 202-572-3030

For Toilet Paper Flowers, Hold the Cheese Please and Bug Bites and Campfires, please contact Dr. Sileo.

10. Do you autograph your books?
Absolutely! I only autograph books if children ask and time permits.

11. What can the school do to prepare for your visit?
Some ideas are:
1. Make sure the children who wish to have a book, receive it before my visit. All teachers should have a copy, including the library. Put my books on display in the library.
2. Tell the children and parents that I am coming. Advertise it on the school’s website and send flyers home.
3. Have the children read the books in class and think of questions to ask the author.
4. Make a bulletin board for the hallway or in each individual classroom on what makes a good winner and loser. Art classes can work on the bulletin boards, make posters, banners and bookmarks.
5. Think of creating a theme day at school. Examples can be Author Day, Writing Day, Read a New Book Day to name a few.
6. Let your local newspapers know of the author visit. It shows the community that you are encouraging reading and writing.

12. What is your general availability?
My primary job is a licensed psychologist with my practice in Ridgewood, NJ. Because I see patients from morning to the evening hours, I have quite a busy schedule and a long day. If you would like me to come to your school, I would need a month’s notice to make accommodations in my patient schedule.

To schedule an appointment, please call Dr. Sileo at 201-447-0705



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